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History & Maps

Established in 1911, Tellico Plains is a scenic town full of adventure and history. Even though it is offically only a little over 100 years old, the lakes of Tellico flowed to many people before that. Our fields were once graced by Native Cherokee and before that the Muscogee. Once established, Tellico became a lumber town, our trees and mountains brought jobs and opportunities for decades. Still today, our mountains and rivers provide for the towns people of Tellico Plains. If you are a visitor, we welcome you to our town, and hope you see the beauty and history in the big backyard of our small town. 

To see the history where it happened, take our self guided walking tour through historic down town.


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River Mao.jpg

 Monroe County, TN.

Unicoi Turnpike Map.jpg

Trail of Tears path through Tellico Plains.

Waterfall Ma.jpg

 Rivers in TN.

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